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Title :
Contribution to the preservation of old technical objects thanks to advanced industrial archaeology.
Proposition of a Reference information system for museology and an Inter-disciplinary method for Capitalizing knowledge stemming from the industrial and technical heritage.
Résumé :
For optimizing its added value creation, enterprise adjusts continuously its operating modes and its production tools. Machines considered obsoletes as soon as they don't meet the demand, are consequently stopped, stored and very often dismantled. Consequently, industrial sites disappear and the workers, creators of knowledge, are leaving the industrial world with their know-how. The lack of protection of this kind of industrial and technical heritage is under scrutiny today as this technical culture can sometimes be transposable to other similar but present application domains. Safe keeping, analyzing and understanding these objects belonging to a Past Heritage can convert them into a Present Capital; sometimes, they can even become an innovation source for preparing our future and assisting industrials to create the tomorrow objects. In addition, concerning their conservation and their popularization in museums and sites, the aging of technical information requires to implement a new kind of museology for this 3rd millennium : the Techno-museology.
The developed methodology consists in overturning the design time axis: it is the Reverse process of Heritage Design. Advanced Industrial Archaeology, allows the elaboration of the Technical Heritage File by capitalizing knowledge from the past into a digital media and a virtual simulating state for museography and valorization. As the objects complexity requires a multiplicity of competences, the Heritage Cooperative Engineering Process requires collaborations of experts who usually, do not collaborate. Therefore, a new kind of Inter disciplinary Team is appearing which needs a common base for allowing different semantics living together. Consequently, the Information System proposes to encapsulate this taxonomy of the Men, also taking into account the actors of the past. The model defines the Heritage Technical Object in its Internal and External Aspects. The Digital Heritage Reference Model, DHRM, can then be considered as a new tool for museology.
During these researches, numerous technical studies are analyzed and conceptualized so as to build the ontology's and consequently validate the applicability of DHRM.
Mots clefs : Technical history / Industrial and technical heritage / Techno-museology / Museography / Industrial Engineering / Knowledge capitalization / 3D digitalization / Reverse-engineering / Virtual engineering / Design process / Information system DHRM / Advanced Industrial Archaeology

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